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Smart Contract Customization

Your contract. Your rules.

Choose from a range of pre-built smart contracts customizable to suit your needs. If you want something custom, our team is always ready to assist.

Sell on Ethereum

Customize and own your ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain, hosted on IPFS.

Solana coming soon.

Timed Pre-Sales

You choose when your collection is available. Enable pre-sales to capture early excitement in your community or spread your drop out over multiple days to sustain the buzz.

Reward Your Community

Offer token-gated mints and custom pricing for holders of existing tokens.

Control Your Sale

You’re not locked in once the mint is live. Mason gives you the option to pause and adjust sale parameters.

Token Reveal

How you reveal your art to your audience is up to you, whether it’s a full-collection reveal, per-NFT reveal, or batched reveal.

Manage Your Whitelist

Whitelist addresses for pre-sale, allowing your biggest fans early access to your mint.

Creator Tools

Don't Code? Don't Worry.

Mason has all the tools you need to create and customize a mint site that showcases your project, team, and roadmap for your community.

Pre-built Responsive Templates

Sell your NFTs in a beautiful storefront designed with mobile in mind. We also support custom themes.

SEO Optimized

Everything you need to manage your SEO from title and meta description to in-depth schema to support sharing on social media.


We integrate with Google Analytics so that you can see traffic to your mint site and help measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Support For Custom Domains

Mint directly from your site, where your audience already thrives.

Manage Your Items

Hosted on IPFS, you can manage the metadata for individual items or bulk uploads.

Community Insights

Learn more about your token holders and use those insights to grow your community and target new members.

Token Verification

Restrict access to verified members of your community.

Built on open and decentralized standards


Interested in something custom? We offer a white-glove service. Contact us to discuss your needs. Contact Us